I went on a Lensbaby Photo Walk hosted by Arlington Camera (shout out!) at the Fort Worth Stockyards in August 2015. I had a blast meeting some new people and exploring the area while trying out some new Lensbaby lenses. I was able to test out a few lenses including the Velvet 56 but I really fell in love with the Composer Pro with Sweet 35 Optic. I have an older Composer but hope to upgrade it to the Pro Version sometime. Lensbaby has since released a newer version of the lens, but I haven’t had a chance to test it out yet. Here are 5 reasons I love the Lensbaby Composer Pro along with some of my favorite images from that day.

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  1. Interchangeable Optics. How cool is it that you can switch out multiple optics including 50 and 35mm? I personally love the 35mm optic because you can capture more of the scene in your images, but the vantage point of a 50mm is always nice as well.

2. Artistic flair. There’s just something unique about the way the Lensbaby Composer Pro captures a scene. You get some of that funky edge blur that really makes your focal point stand out.

3. Creative control. You, as the artist, have complete control over what parts of the scene you want to blur and where you want your focal point to be.

I won the photo contest with this photo.

4. A different perspective. Because of the uniqueness the Lensbaby has to offer, you start to view things in a different way than you normally would with your eyes alone or another type of lens.

5. FUN! Playing with the Lensbaby Composer Pro was just plain fun for a change and gave me some fresh inspiration to try new things. I happen to love it and I hope you will try it out sometime too. You’ve got nothing to lose!

By the way, I love the Stockyards! Definitely worth visiting if you’re ever in the area. I’m looking forward to more photo walks in the future and trying out more Lensbabies.


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