For the last few years I have really enjoyed finding good photography blogs and spending time learning as much as I can in my spare time. I have to say my knowledge of photography has grown by leaps and bounds since I have stumbled across these 3 blogs. I would highly recommend each one of them to anyone who is interested in learning more.

  1. Improve Photography – I love that this blog is from a man’s perspective, just because the other two I will mention are managed by women and I like the different perspective. After my daughter was born, I really wanted to learn photography and how to actually operate my camera and shoot in manual mode. It was so confusing to me at first and the level of information available on the web was overwhelming. This just happened to be the first blog I came across that had the basics laid out and explained in a way I could really understand. Of course there was quite a bit of terminology I didn’t know at first, but I literally just kept reading post after post on this blog and sometimes I would read and re-read until it finally started to click and I began to piece the concepts together. There is so much helpful information on this blog for all different skill levels. There are even a podcast and YouTube videos in addition to classes you can take online. I cannot stress enough how thankful I am that I found this blog a few years back.
  1. Click It Up a Notch – This blog has a plethora of information and really breaks the photography basics down in an understandable way. I feel like I’m able to relate to the majority of these posts because the founder is a mom of young children, as am I, and our processes of learning photography after having a child are similar. Click It Up a Notch also has many posts that provide inspiration for trying new techniques and getting out of your comfort zone. Also, the founder’s name is Courtney… so, I mean it pretty much rocks for obvious reasons… wink, wink.
  1. Bethadilly – I came across this blog from reading Click It Up a Notch a couple of years ago. Bethany Deschamp (a.k.a. Bethadilly) was starting a Project 365 where she provided a list of daily prompts so other photographers could join by taking one photo a day for a year and posting them on Instagram using the hashtag #thebethadillychallenge. It was the first year I had decided to do a photography project and the timing was perfect. I loved doing the Project 365 (I’ll save more on that for another post), although it was very challenging to take a photo and post it every single day. Given my lifestyle of being a full-time working mom with a young child, I wasn’t able to do it every single day but I gave my best effort and participated as much as I felt like my life would allow. I learned a great deal and still enjoy seeing the work of the other photographers who participated in that challenge. Bethadilly currently has a Project 52 taking place, which I’m also participating in (…sometimes, haha). I really love her posts on blogging too. I have to add that Bethany recently announced her blog would be returning to more of a Lifestyle blog, but she’ll still be posting photos and talking about photography some too. I’m sure I will still love it.

While I really feel like a great deal of my growth the past few years is indebted to these blogs, I must mention that reading alone has not been enough. When I first started learning I would go out every weekend (and some weekday evenings) when I had a chance and practice what I had been reading so I could see the concepts in action. One thing I love about photography is that there’s always more to learn. I still visit these blogs often in hopes that I will continue to grow. If you’re interested in learning more about photography, check these out but also be sure to put forth the effort to practice what you’re reading and don’t give up!

What photography blogs do you love? Post in the comments below.

Happy shooting,


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