I had the pleasure of taking photos for a friend from church a couple of weekends ago. Morgan is one of those multi-talented artistic people who can do just about anything. She sings beautifully (and I don’t just mean beautifully, I mean… wow), plays piano, she’s a graphic designer, a web designer, a songwriter, an artist, she’s a member of the worship team, and she works at the church doing marketing. See what I mean? Did I mention she’s publishing a book in the near future, too? How cool is that?! I can’t wait to read it. She also made the awesome logo for this blog, which I happen to love so, so much!

Morgan needed some new photos for her website (which, ahem, you should totally check out so I’ll just leave this here… www.morgangfarris.com) and I needed a logo for the blog, so we were able to help each other out and, after a few minor delays due to insanely high winds, family illnesses, and life in general I’d say it worked out rather perfectly.

We met up one day to brainstorm ideas for her photos as well as the logo and she mentioned there was an abandoned place she knew of nearby that was an old speakeasy back in the prohibition days. It also used to serve as a gas station. The combination of brick and petrified wood it’s made of adds to the uniqueness of its structure. Morgan had always wanted to have some photos taken there, so we ventured to try it out.

Here are a few of the photos, some of which you will find on Morgan’s website. I always love shooting in new locations so I had a great time and I’d say she pretty much rocked it!


Thanks so much for the logo, Morgan. I hope you all enjoy the photos.



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